1. Countermelody
    Evan Arntzen

  2. Bu's March (Single)
    Evan Arntzen

  3. Muskrat Ramble feat. Catherine Russell (Single)
    Evan Arntzen

  4. Stories
    Roni Ben-Hur

  5. Something for Kenny (Single)
    Roni Ben-Hur

  6. The Duo Sessions
    Lennie Tristano

  7. Cosmonauts

  8. Quintet Sessions 1979
    Wolfgang Lackerschmid & Chet Baker

  9. Ballads For Two
    Wolfgang Lackerschmid and Chet Baker

  10. Dancing On The Edge
    The Kaleidoscope Quintet

  11. Live In Europe
    Louis Armstrong

  12. Louis Armstrong: Sparks, Nevada 1964!
    Louis Armstrong

  13. Louis Armstrong: The Night Clubs
    Louis Armstrong

  14. Louis Armstrong: The Standard OIl Sessions
    Louis Armstrong

  15. Live at Chautauqua, Vol 1
    Ella Fitzgerald

  16. Ella Fitzgerald: Live From Chautauqua, Vol. 2
    Ella Fitzgerald

  17. Ben Webster: Valentines Day 1964! Live
    Ben Webster

  18. The Gene Krupa Quartet: Live 1966
    Gene Krupa

  19. Live At The Embers 1952
    Joe Bushkin Quartet

  20. Live at the New School
    Gerry Mulligan & National Jazz Orchestra

  21. Alone Together
    Catherine Russell

  22. Herring Cove
    John Minnock

  23. All Wandering Hearts
    Nicole Zuraitis

  24. Hive Mind
    Nicole Zuraitis

  25. Bluebird
    Bret Reilly

  26. Deep Blue Love
    Sarah Thorpe

  27. I Found A New Home
    Claude Diallo Situation

  28. Red Alert
    Janette Mason

  29. Live At The Bop Stop
    Bobby Selvaggio

  30. Quantum Man
    Bobby Selvaggio

  31. Solomon's Daughter
    Franklin Kiermyer, Pharoah Sanders

  32. Exultation
    Scatter The Atoms That Remain

  33. Concerto Peligroso
    Chuck Israels Jazz Orchestra

  34. Garden Of Delights
    Chuck Israels

  35. Relate
    Tiziano Bianchi

  36. Joey Calderazzo: Live From The Cotton Club Tokyo, Vol. 1
    Joey Calderazzo

  37. 70
    Uli Beckerhoff

  38. Diversity
    Uli Beckerhoff

  39. Heroes
    Uli Beckerhoff Quartet

  40. Motion
    David Pastor and Nu-Roots

  41. Studio Nord Sessions: The Film Sessions
    David Pastor

  42. Studio Nord Sessions
    Deborah Carter and Zandscape

  43. Daytripper
    Deborah J Carter

  44. Diggin' the Duke
    Deborah J. Carter

  45. Spheres Of Monk
    Marikje Jahrling

  46. Voyage West
    Stefan Bauer

  47. 1983

  48. Zandscape

  49. Black Current Jam
    Robert Hurst

  50. Blew By Blues
    John Menegon

  51. Ghosts Of Yesterday
    Teri Roiger

  52. Call It Magic

  53. Gdyby każdy z nas…
    Monika Lidke

  54. Interplay
    Francois Moutin/Kavita Shah Duo

  55. Gurutopia
    Shez Raja

  56. Quem Te Viu

  57. Con Alma
    Simona Parrinello

  58. Gathering
    Chris Rand

  59. A Journey
    Maciek Pysz

  60. OX
    Oscar Del Barba OX Trio

  61. Autoritratto
    Oscar Del Barba

  62. Two Suites For Jazz Orchestra
    Oscar Del Barba

  63. In Spite Of It All
    Arik Strauss

  64. Mostly Ballads
    Arik Strauss

  65. Adieu Tristesse
    Arik Strauss

  66. With Love to Ella and Joe
    Adrienne West

  67. Perpetuity
    Phil Marowitz | Zach Brock Quartet

  68. Breaking Through
    Paul Jost

  69. Motifs
    Chiari Izzi

  70. Live To Tell
    Michela Lombardi

  71. Tropical Rain
    Meddy Gerville

  72. Hidden Roots
    Julia Karosi

  73. Bushwick'd

  74. Java Jive
    Erin Dickins

  75. Can't Find My Way Home
    The Jost Project

  76. Meets Tony Miceli
    Thelonious 4

  77. Shoutin'Out
    Herman Nijkamp - Jaco van Santen Quartet

  78. Liz Frame and The Kickers: Sparrow In A Shoebox
    Liz Frame and The Kickers


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